Agro Expedition Senegal is one of the three subsidiaries of the Dutch agricultural group Silas Export Holding BV.
We have wooden boxes with a capacity of 1,450 kg each. The rental and our rates are done by checkout.
In addition to our cells specially designed for the storage of onions and potatoes with the temperature and aeration settings required for these two products (which we store separately, of course!), we have sufficient electrical outlets in Agro Expédition Sénégal to which any refrigerated container can be connected! Agro Expédition Senegal also offers the possibility to other companies or individuals to store non-cold chain products at very competitive prices. These services may optionally be accompanied by our so-called transit (customs clearance) and handling operations.
At Agro Expédition Sénégal, the admission of your products in our warehouses is done only by simple acceptance of a contract that customers or their agents must obligatorily sign. To make a withdrawal of products, our services must first be paid. No exceptions to this rule are permitted or possible.
This is only possible for so-called non-perishable goods.