The primary mission of Agro Expedition Senegal is to play a key role in the production, processing and storage of Senegalese onions and potatoes. In addition, the parent company – Silas Export Holding B.V. – also plays an important role. The most important role in the Netherlands actually by exporting onions, potatoes, carrots and garlic to Senegal and other countries.

Silas Export Holding B.V. has 3 subsidiaries

  • Agro Expedition Senegal – head office in Diamniadio, Senegal. Specialises in the local production, processing and storage of onions and potatoes.
  • Agro Expedition International – head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Specialises in the marketing of garlic, mainly for our partners in China.
  • Silas Export B.V. – head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Specialises in the export of potatoes, onions and carrots from the Netherlands to all the corners of the world.

The establishment of the subsidiary Agro Expedition Senegal was created by responding to the demand for better stock management by local businesses and other importers. These ran into problems with local non-refrigerated warehouses.

Our company offers services to our customers for the whole year. So that we can work together with them during the local harvest as well as out of season. This ensures a necessary continuity of both supply and demand.

Besides Agro Expedition Senegal, Silas Export Holding B.V. is also doing business with other competing suppliers who want to keep products refrigerated and market them.

The parent company and subsidiary operate independently of each other so that a larger part of the market can be handled. However, they do share the same vision and ethics.