Mission and vision:

  • delivering excellent quality of product and service
  • being a daily part of the delivery of fresh products to Senegalese households
  • supporting local production processes
  • help local businesses further develop and promote their services
  • supplement the market where necessary with our own imported products
  • we at Agro Expedition Senegal are proud of our vision to think differently and to do business differently. The New Way of Working is a goal that we strive after.
  • every employee of our company realises that our mission and vision towards our professional relations continue outside of working hours and the working place. Together, we proudly promote our company 24/7.
  • trust is a building block of the relationships between our customers, our suppliers, our partners and our employees. This allows us to grow together.
  • we, all employees of Agro Expedition Senegal, are proud to contribute to the Program d’accération de la cadence de l’agriculture sénégalaise (PRACAS). And other agricultural programs supported by the Senegalese government for the development of Senegal.