In the office of Agro Expedition Senegal works a customs agent that specialises in customs formalities with the aim of:

  • organizing the end-to-end import / export procedures requested by our customers
  • collect, verify and assemble the shipping documents necessary to transport the products
  • work together to solve potential problems that customers may experience
  • ensure care for the correct delivery of the products including handling complaints and offering assistance in any legal proceedings
  • ensure that the costs remain low and optimise the margins and turnover for each shipment of the customer

However, it is important to emphasize that our customers are not obliged to make use of our transport services. Although we do encourage our customers to make use of this. In this way we can keep an eye on the state of affairs and intervene where necessary.

Damage Department

When a product gets damaged during transport, we work together with the sanitary services in Senegal to destroy the damaged products in a way that is quick and environmentally friendly.

Quality department

Our company believes it is very important to comply with the legislation regarding the stored products. When the products arrive in our warehouse to be stored, they are inspected and prepared before they end up in the cold storage unit. Our company can only offer a healthy product on the local market when it is also healthy by arrival.

Our storage will therefore not accept products that are already in a deteriorating state. For this process can not be stopped. In addition, we do not take any risks infecting other products.